Katie Jorgensen – Your Optometrist

Katie Jorgensen Photo

Bachelor of Applied Science Optometry

Katie grew up in Brisbane and studied Optometry at QIT. She graduated in 1987. At that stage
she decided with her husband to leave Queensland and travel across the country to Western
Australia. She lived in Perth for 3 years and then moved to Kalgoorlie for a two year stint
which has now turned into more than 30 Years
Katie is passionate about Kalgoorlie and looking after the people of the goldfields. She has become
part of the community- travelling to Southern Cross to provide eye care, Visiting nursing homes,
as well as doing vision screening at mine sites and at the local fair and has given talks to local
groups. Katie has special interests in binocular vision, children’s vision and care of the elderly.
Aside from Work, Katie is passionate about her family, – her family have been involved in the
local golfing community. She loves to garden and is creative in making handmade cards .

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